Lie #3 – All Drugs are Poisons

“All Drugs are Poisons” is part of the quote from Dianetics – The Modern Science of Mental Health by L. Ron Hubbard that is part of Lie #2 – 10 Cups of Coffee Will Put You to Sleep.


Drugs essentially are poisons. The degree to which they are taken determines the effect. A small amount gives a stimulant. A greater amount acts as a sedative. A larger amount acts as a poison and can kill one.

This is true of any drug. Each has a different amount. Caffeine is a drug. So coffee is an example. 100 cups of coffee would probably kill a person. Ten cups would probably put him to sleep. Two or three cups stimulate. This is a very common drug. It is not very harmful as it takes so much of it to have an effect so it is known as a stimulant.

Arsenic is known as a poison. Yet a tiny amount of arsenic is a stimulant, a good sized dose puts one to sleep and a few grains kills one.

This lie deserves separate attention because it reveals how the mindset of Scientology permeates Narconon. “All Drugs Are Basically Poisons” is a line from Narconon presentations to school children.


Here is a video of Rodrigo Ubillus From Narconon Vista Bay in California, where he gets the students to repeat back that all drugs are poisons.

charlie tonnaAnd another by Charlie Tonna from Narconon Victoria, in Australia

In the context of a presentation against illegal drugs, it might be assumed that these speakers were saying that recreational drugs are poisons. Certainly, the harmful effects of cocaine, heroin and methamphetamines are undeniable. But the Narconon speakers say, and believe, that all drugs are poisons, not just the illegal drugs.

cchrAn entire Scientology organization, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) is devoted to stopping all psychiatric treatment, and the prescription of all psychiatric medicine. But more than that, Scientology teaches that all medicine from aspirin to cancer treatments, are poison. Their treatment facilities do not use any drugs to treat addiction, and patients are denied needed prescription medicine that they bring with them.

david-edgar-loveFormer Narconon patient and staff member David Love describes an incident he witnessed at Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, where another patient was denied pain medicine.

As I approached the young lady sitting at the Narconon Trois-Rivieres dining room table, I noticed tears rolling down her pain grimaced face. Her obvious pain was disturbing to see as I sat across from her and asked what was wrong. “They won’t give me my pain medication”, she said through blood-shot eyes from hours of crying.

Earlier that day, while standing on the icy Narconon grounds, she fell and fractured her arm in 3-4 places. Eventually, the young lady was taken to Hospital Emergency, where X-Rays confirmed a painful multiple fracture of her forearm. Unfortunately, this Hospital could not operate and “Set” her fracture, and she would have to go to an alternate Hospital the next day for the operation.

The attending physician prescribed, and gave her some strong pain medication to alleviate her painful distress, thus helping her to cope and make it through the night without undue suffering.

But this was not to be; Narconon Staff refused to administer the physician prescribed medication. When I asked why, I was informed that the pain medication would interfere with her “Objectives” part of the Narconon Program. “She cannot do Objectives, if she is taking that pain medication”, I was told.

hillaryholtonHillary Holten died in 2012 in the Narconon Arrowhead facility in Oklahoma. She was denied medication that she needed for a hormone condition, but the cause of death was not determined by the Medical Examiner.

According to a lawsuit filed by Holten’s family, she had congenital adrenal hyperplasia – the lack of an enzyme the adrenal gland needs to make certain hormones and to create too much of another hormone – that was being treated with medication. The lawsuit alleges negligence by the Narconon organization for accepting Holten into its program, given her medical condition, and not providing her with proper medical treatment.

The same is true for Scientologists not associated with Narconon.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATory Christman was discouraged from taking her anti-epilepsy medicine.

When Bezazian stuck to a drug regimen recommended by doctors, she suffered few effects of the disease. But Scientologists viewed resorting to medication as a sign of weakness, an indication that an adherent didn’t trust Hubbard’s “tech” to drive away the body thetan causing her malady.

Several times, she tried to adhere to her faith by going off her medication. She suffered greatly each time. Although she was warned she would never “go clear” until she “handled” her epilepsy through the tech, Bezazian eventually went back on medication permanently.

hqdefaultCharlotte Kates was told not to take her thyroid medicine in 1998 in order to continue being a Scientologist.

I was personally ordered by Tiffany Woods, the Senior HAS (Hubbard Communications Office Area Secretary) EUS (Eastern United States) and
Jenny Porta, the LRH Communicator EUS, to stop taking medication that had been prescribed for me by a doctor to alleviate my thyroid condition–Grave’s disease–upon my signing of a Sea Organization contract. Ms. Woods and Ms. Porta told me that I would otherwise be ineligible for Scientology services, and told me that my medical condition could be cured with PTS (Potential Trouble Source) handlings and Scientology auditing.

L._Ron_Hubbard_in_1950Narconon and Scientology believe they have a more effective way of dealing with sickness and disease than through prescribed medicine or medical treatment. L. Ron Hubbard stated that Scientology can cure any illness many times, but the policy letter of September 1, 1962, entitled “Healing Promotion” is one of the best examples. Hubbard writes in these policy letters in the language of Scientology, which can be difficult to decipher.


Legally, this permits us to heal without engaging in healing as, in actual fact, we address no illnesses and indeed, DENY people are ill–they are only suppressed. Sickness occurs, we say, where suppression has been too great…. The legal argument is simple; we don’t believe in sickness, we do not address illness, we do not diagnose, we believe that freeing the human spirit also incidentally prevents sickness…. We do send acutely ill people to doctors. We advertise to cure no diseases! That last is legally important.

Scientology believes that if somebody is sick, or needs medicine, they are “PTS,” or a “Potential Trouble Source.”

HCOB 20 April 1972 Expanded Dianetics Series 4, Suppressed PCs and PTS Tech

All sick persons are PTS.

HCOB 10 August 1973 PTS Handling

[A]ll illness in greater or lesser degree and all foul-ups stem directly and only from a PTS condition. [G]etting rid of that condition requires three basic actions: A. Discover. B. Handle or disconnect.

HCO PL 3 May 1972 Ethics and Executives

People who are physically ill are PTS and are out-ethics toward the person or thing they are PTS to!

HCOB 20 January 1972 PTS Rundown Addition


HCOB 10 June 1966 Issue II S&D-The Missed Item

There are four points I want to get across to you. 1. ILLNESS=ONLY PTS. 2. ONLY PTS=ILLNESS

HCOB 4 April 1972, Revised 30 May 1972 Tech Div Primary Rundown

If the Student has been on drugs he must be given a Drug Rundown. If he is PTS he must be handled in Ethics and given a PTS Rundown. If the student is ill he should be handled by Dianetics.

This is why Narconon says all drugs are poisons. Hubbard said they are poisons, and taught that all illness comes from being a Potential Trouble Source, and that only Scientology can truly cure somebody. Narconon and Scientology believe all medicines are based on the concept that there is such a thing as disease or illness. Scientology denies the existence of illness and disease.

All drugs are not poisons. Many illegal drugs can be very harmful, but prescribed medicines can cure or treat the symptoms of people who are ill. This lie by Narconon is rooted deeply in its founders writings, and its parent organization, the Church of Scientology.


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