Lie #5 – Narconon Provides One-on-One Counseling

Narconon claims that their program includes one-on-one counseling. From the web site:

Through the use of nutrition, one-on-one counseling with the Narconon staff, life skills training and a thorough detoxification step that alleviates drug cravings, addiction can be left behind in favor of a productive, sober life.

From Narconon New Life.

This intensive one on one counseling is what makes New Life Retreat unique. Other programs try to help a person try and process the emotions of the problem with a group. The person is required to share their most painful experiences and memories with strangers in an attempt to find some sort of resolution. By handling these problems one on one, the addiction is addressed privately and without embarrassment.

Eric_TenorioBut former Narconon executive Eric Tenorio denies that Narconon has one-on-one counseling, or any kind of counseling.

In my 13 years on staff there was never one lecture about addiction, never one session of one-on-one counseling by a licensed counselor, never one group therapy session, never one lecture or video shown about addiction, nutrition, or coping skills.

A lawsuit against Narconon of Northern California in Watsonville by James Ramirez, Jr. also claims that there is no counseling at Narconon.

Despite NNC’s representations that Jimmy would receive counseling, at no point did staff ever speak to Jimmy about the specifics of his life or his drug use and its causes. In fact, no one at NNC ever spoke to Jimmy about his substance abuse at all.

So what is this one-on-one counseling that Narconon promotes in its literature?

Michael Tarr filed a lawsuit against Narconon Fresh Start near Caliente, NV, also known as Rainbow Canyon Retreat.

Narconon courses are self-taught by the patients and overseen by counselors. Narconon students and Scientology practitioners perform these TRs [Training Routines] in pairs known as twins. The counselors have little to no training beyond the training they received from Narconon and/or the Church of Scientology.

Training Routines in Scientology and Narconon are done in a one-on-one setting, but not with a counselor. Two patients, or “students” as Narconon calls them, are seated in chairs facing each other. Here we see two students at Narconon Tijuana demonstrating the positions.


Perry Scott described his experience in Scientology with the first TR, called TR0.

TR 0: Confronting

Sit with eyes open for hours, not moving or twitching, “confronting” coach. For the two TR 0 drills, some hours without any reaction is a pass, 2 hrs recommended.

FLUNK! Body Movement. Start.
FLUNK! Talking. Start.
FLUNK! Eye movement. Start.
FLUNK! Non-confront. Start.
FLUNK! Not in Present Time. Start.

These were the words of my staff coach as I began this strange exercise of “confronting” a person. FLUNK! is given at Tone 40 and causes shock and confusion. The robotic “Start” command is given to begin the exercise. The last command for each of these drills is “That’s it!”, words which grew sweeter as training progressed. The student is not really told the rules for this game, but rather simply gets shouted at whenever a mistake is made.

Here is a demostration by Robert Vaughn Young of TR8, in which the student gives commands to an ashtray. Again, from Perry Scott.

Student gives Tone 40 command “STAND UP!”. Tone 40 acknowledges with “THANK YOU!”. “SIT DOWN!”. “THANK YOU!.” Repeat until cognition (about an hour).

By this point, I was so deluded by the concept of Tone 40 that the fact that I was LIFTING IT WITH MY HANDS was irrelevant. I gave the command, the ashtray stood up. After doing this for half an hour, I felt like God, lifting the ashtray by sheer intention. My Thetan’s (Scieno-babble for “spirit”) Intention was using my arms and hands, though that was only for convenience, since with sufficient intent they were not necessary.

So there is no one-on-one counseling in Narconon. Students are assigned a “twin” to do the Training Routines, in which they stare at each other, shout at ashtrays, and go through some of the first steps of Scientology without any counseling for their substance abuse problems.


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