Lie #6 – Narconon Provides a Safe Environment

Narconon claims to provide a safe environment that allows addicts to concentrate on their recovery.

scrclogoFrom the Narconon Spring Hill, Fl, also called Suncoast Rehabilitation Center, web site:

Our students are treated with respect and are encouraged to be themselves. Combine that with a new, safe, environment free from previous triggers and distanced from past negative associations for the long-term treatment, the possibility for achieving success increases significantly.

deutFrom Narconon Switzerland, also called Narconon Deutschshweiz:

Experienced and trained staff at Narconon also assist the recovering addict through withdrawal by administering unique relaxation techniques. These help ease the aches and pains. Special reorientation exercises orient the person to his new, safe environment.

narccanhome5From Narconon Canada:

Following a medical evaluation and proper approval by a physician, a Narconon facility provides a constantly safe and 24-hour care procedure.



But is Narconon a safe environment?

vistabayThis is the Narconon Vista Bay facility in Watsonville, CA. Records from January, 2004 to February, 2007 show that the Santa Cruz Sheriff’s Department responded to 24 incidents during that time frame, including allegations of rape by staff member, incidents of threats being made, and patients missing from the facility. The dispatcher noted “CONSIDERABLE HISTORY AT THIS LOCATION.”

newportbeach Pablo Mendoza was a patient at the Narconon Newport Beach, CA facility. He reported being sexually assaulted during a massage session.

malbourneRecords from Australian police show dozens of police reports at the Narconon Melbourne facility.

  • Tuesday, 11th March 2008 Last night male picked up a fire extinguisher and threatened to throw it at staff.
  • Sunday, 18th October 2009 Narconon are having trouble with a female that was at their withdraw house. Very intoxicated. Female is very aggressive. Has assaulted staff on three other occasions.
  • Saturday, 21st January 2012 A female patient has tried to assault a staff member. The female has also broken windows and damaged property. The female tried to hit the complainant in the head with an urn.
  • Tuesday, 29th January 2013 A student at Narconon has threatened staff with an axe – has broken a door. Staff have now managed to remove the axe from the man and he is being removed from the property. The man is now at the gate and is walking from the premises towards Warburton. At 2150 hrs. The man is now harassing neighbours.
  • Monday, 4th March 2013 Patient at Narconon, being restrained on the ground. Has tried to stab staff with a fork. The weapon has been taken of the male. The male has also smashed a window.

Recovering addicts can certainly cause safety problems at any facility. But the claim that Narconons are safe environments is certainly a lie. The staff members are not trained to manage a rehab facility properly, and are not prepared to handle incidents of violence. In some cases, the staff members themselves are the source of the violence.


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